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Got Laptop Problems ?
We Can Fix Them...

We provide affordable laptop repair built on years of perfecting diagnostic and repair techniques.

We can repair your laptop for less!
We specialise in repairing Laptops at component level, which means that the repair cost is greatly reduced as we are not replacing the whole motherboard. This also makes the Laptop very economical to repair.

Unique Services

• Laptop power connector (Pin) repairs
Laptop touchpad & track point repairs
• Laptop CD/DVD repairs
Laptop LCD backlight repair
• Laptop CD/DVD replacement
Laptop data transfer
• Laptop Motherboard repairs
Laptop CPU replacement

• Laptop keyboard repairs
Laptop screen replacement
• Laptop Inverter repair
Laptop fan replacement
• Laptop fan repairs
Laptop data retrieval
• Laptop component-level repairs
Laptop keyboard replacement






Within 24 hours of receiving your laptop, an engineer from Repair Me Please will contact you with a FREE quotation and diagnostic report.

We are careful with your data, it will remain confidential. Usually there will be no data loss but this does depend on the faults.

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