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Services Available

We provide a complete range of IT services, that includes any kind of software and hardware problems, viruses remove or spyware, supply and install new hardware components - either repairs or upgrades. We also provide wireless and cable network installation and maintenance that include cable and modem Internet configuration.
Some examples of our many services are shown below. If the service you require is not mentioned, please ask us - we are here 24/7 to help you out.

Software/Hardware Problems

If you have problems installing software or hardware maybe you have installed software or hardware, which has had unexpected side effects and causing conflicts with existing installed hardware or software? We can help with your.

PC / Laptop Crashing or Freezing (Blue Screen)

Is your computer or laptop crashing or freezing in the middle of your application or favourite game? Perhaps a hardware conflict is causing the problem, software has become corrupt or possibly the drivers for the graphics card need updating - no matter what the problem is, we have qualified engineers ready to help you.

Laptop Power Pin broken

If your laptop’s power pin is broken or have any other hardware problem, No need to worry we have qualified engineers who can do component level of repairing, which also means that the repair cost is greatly reduced as we are not replacing the whole motherboard.

Internet ADSL (broadband) Problems

If you are having problem with your Internet, e-mail or want to set up or configure a new ADSL (broadband) wireless connection. We would be happy to help you.

Hardware Failures or Upgrades

If you want to up grade your old PC or Laptop. We install processors, memory, motherboards, hard drives, power supplies, graphics and sound cards, modems, CD/DVD drives, etc. We can also install components, which you have bought and need help with.

PC / Laptop Not Booting

Computer or Notebook not booting, there are error messages (blue screens) or it is only booting in 'Safe Mode'. These are the common problems people face; our engineers are experienced in identifying the solving these kind of problems. They can restore your computer system to perfect health.

Virus / Spyware Attacks

Virus and spyware attacks are becoming more frequent and more serious. Any PC or Laptop connected with internet can be affected with Virus / Spyware. They can be amongst the hardest computer problems to deal with. You need professional help to clear the virus and to repair the damage files. Our qualified engineers can help you in this situation.

Data Recovery / Backup

If your hard drive suffered due to Virus Attack, Hard Drive Crash, Software Corruption, Equipment Malfunction, Accidental Deletion, Accidental Formatting. Using special data recovery techniques, methods, and tools we offer fast, affordable data recovery services to small businesses and home based computer users that have lost their important files.

We are careful with your data, it will remain confidential. Usually there will be no data loss but this does depend on the faults.

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